Thursday, May 21, 2009

Funny Faces

I was at my friend's house, Sam, yesterday. And I brought my camera. I took pictures at their house. I told them to make funny faces. So here they are. The girl in the picture is Ella. Reese is there too. Reese was the smallest one. Ella was the medium one. And Sam was the biggest one. Sam was being crazy. Ella and I liked that. Instead of playing at Ella's we played at Sam's. 


  1. Do you like those funny faces?
    Do you like your blog?
    Layla started a blog too.

  2. Is he your boyfriend?
    Auntie Sara

  3. Good pictures Kenzie. You're getting to be a good photographer.

  4. Hi Kenzie,
    You should come and play at our house again. That was fun. Your mom and Sydney and Aidan should come again too.

  5. It's funny and I like you and I miss you and I'll bring you to the beach with Charlie and you can take pictures for your blog. I will let you hold Baron. We can eat popcorn, are you allowed to eat chocolate? I just want you to be safe and happy. I miss you and love you and so do my mom and dad. - Layla

  6. are you going to ruit agen from charlie